Public Safety

Focus all city departments on going after the root causes of crime.

Reinstate city mental-health centers and family support services to allow law enforcement to prioritize violent gun crime.

Ensure predictable schedules for our First Responders.

Implement fair and expeditious discipline in cases of police abuse.

Improve opportunities for middle class families

Vote against property tax increases.

Reverse Mayor Lightfoot’s policy of tying property-tax increases and aldermanic raises to inflation.

Support and empower unions.

Collaborate with schools and parks to offer high-quality programming and enrichment opportunities.

Boost local business and economy

Apply economic-development experience to reduce vacant land and storefronts.

Strengthen chambers of commerce to ensure the ward’s access to deserved city resources.

Work with local businesses to streamline licensing and permitting.

Provide five-star constituent service

Send staff outside the office to seek out maintenance issues.

Introduce participatory budgeting to increase resident input in ward projects.

Increase City Council oversight over the Mayor’s office and all city departments

Proactively share information through e-mail and social media.